Happy Good Friday!

Good Friday marks the culmination of Holy Week

Today is Good Friday.  In the Christian ranks it is the day of Jesus’ death.  In the Christian faith, this whole week has been considered Holy week.  Beginning on Palm Sunday and all the way through to Easter Sunday.  Today also is the culmination of the season of Lent for Christians.  During that time believers observe the tradition of sacrificing for an entire 40 days and 40 nights.  This is in tribute to scripture putting Jesus in the desert for the same period as he fought against the temptations of Satan.  Holy week begins to pick up steam beginning on Thursday.  This day represents the Last Supper between Jesus and his disciples.

Now with that brief history lesson behind us, let us focus on what this all means to the rest of the world.  There are many in the world that are not Christians.  These people really don’t follow Holy Week and they probably don’t celebrate Easter as a holy day.  However, let us not view this as a slight upon Jesus Christ the man.  Christian faith places him on the mantle of God.  However, in other religions, he is a prophet similar to Moses or Mohammed.  The teachings of these men should not be lost on anyone.  One may not view Jesus as the son of God, however, they must see him as an exceptional person that lived his life in the service of others.  Taking away all of the writings where Jesus performed miracles and amazing feats, one is still left with a bevy of charity work and left with a man that would do any and everything to help his fellow man, woman or child.  His way of life, working for others and not simply for yourself, is something to applauded and honored.

Helping others is something we all can agree on

This day and age it seems that we have lost sight of the teachings of Jesus the man.  Even Christians tend to lose sight of what really matters to Jesus.  I have struggled in recent years to come to terms with where I stand in the religious debate.  However, I realized not long ago that regardless of where I stand, the true preachings of Jesus can and should be applied to everyday life.  If one wishes to be a better human being, then why not follow the teachings of Jesus.  So I ask people of all creeds and of all ethnic backgrounds.  Use this time to celebrate the life and legacy of the man Jesus Christ.  He enriched the people of that time and has left a legacy of helping others and being selfless.  During this time remember that greatness is achieved when we stop trying to be great in the eyes of others, but instead try to be great in our own eyes.


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