Can a movie change the world?

With the success of MTV’s “The Buried Life” young people have become inspired to take inventory of their brief lives and see what priorities they want to live by.  The movement could by attributed to the film, “The Bucket List” in which the main characters are terminally ill and decide to embark on a quest to do everything on their list before they die.  The movement has been embraced by this younger generation of adults.  This fact has some very promising elements that will help this country and the world as a whole.

The basic elements of the movement is to prioritize the various aspects of the individual’s life.  This process allows for the individual to see what pieces are missing, what ambitions have not been met, and also what the future could hold.  Obviously, a list is commonly created at the end of the process.  This list could contain anything that the individual considers important.  The list could include traveling to foreign countries, visiting family, participating in events, or something as simple as reading a book.  The list acts as a guide for the individual.  Many times this list will give a candid glimpse into the workings of a person.  Does the person talk about wanting to travel the world?  Does the person focus more on charity?  Does the list include more personal items?  Regardless of the actual details of the list, the process is a vital step to knowing where the individual stands at the current time.  People may use this first step to push themselves back to school or maybe to find a new job.  However, we must remember that the overall process continues past the basic list making.

In recent years it seems that everyone has their bucket lists!

Once the initial list is made, many choose to sort the list into various segments.  These segments may sort in regards to the types of actions(travel, learning, or career) or they may be sorted in terms of long-term/short-term goals.  The actual process of sorting the list is really up to the individual.  I have written a list with topics such as: Travel, Sports, Politics and Misc. events.  Sorting the list allows for a cleaner presentation and the ability to adjust the lists if need be.

Many times the lists will include aspects that the individual may have already conquered.  This is more of a way to see where the person has been and what has been accomplished.  This is another great indicator of the type of person we are dealing with.  What types of things has the person done?  Where has the person visited?  How important were these aspects to the individual?  These questions can provide insight as to how the person once viewed life and the importance of that particular time.

Evaluating your life can set us on the right path!

Overall, bucket lists are great things for people to work on.  Most bucket lists will never be completed.  This isn’t to say that we are failures, but more that the individual will always try to reach for the stars.  Making a bucket list can bring us back to the days where anything was possible.  The list transcends time and tell us about who we really are inside.  Many people get stuck in the every day happenings of life.  We rarely take time from our lives to analyze what is really happening and take into account our own happiness.  Hopefully people remember that the bucket list is really a guide to how we should live our lives.  There must be a balance in life.  The more people recognize this, the better off we are as a society.  People realize to help others as well as themselves.  People realize that life is too short to have regrets and that it is imperative that we strive to make a difference not just for the present, but for the future.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that movement?  Sure a bucket list may seem like a whimsical task, but it can contain the seeds of change that every person wants to see.

Have you made your list?


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