Social Media Opens Doors

Not long ago, Desperate America looked at the bleak reality that awaits college grads.  How would a recent graduate with little work experience use that degree to get a job in a relevant field?  Well with the rise of the social media outlet, reconnecting and networking has suddenly become a tweet or Facebook post away!  Twenty years ago it would have taken constant phone calls and letters to keep in touch with a former classmate across the country.  It would be nearly impossible to track down a former colleague with an entire ocean in between.  Today we can search for someone by typing their name in a Facebook search engine or even by using a Google search of the person.  In the age of the email, correspondence has become near instantaneous.  We have moved beyond the days of waiting a week from the time of mailing a letter to a response arriving in the mail.  An email sent in Hawaii will arrive at the intended inbox of an individual in Germany within seconds.  An entire conversation can be had using an instant messaging program that connects people on either side of the world.

Many college students take advantage of some sort of social media program.  The rise of Facebook and Twitter have allowed students to stay connected with former and current classmates without needing to meet face to face.  Constant contact helps improve the flow of ideas between classmates.  The ease of the system allows everyone to complete more tasks at a quicker pace.  Before the rise of the internet, a businessman would need to leave a phone message for a client.  If the client was not immediately available, the businessman would need to wait until the client returned.  Sometimes it would take a couple of days for a simple question to be answered.  Now imagine that the answer for that question is needed to continue or finish a project.  Today’s technology allows for these communications to take place in the matter of seconds.  Some of the most successful businessmen are some of the most tech savvy businessmen.

How does the rise of social media help graduates find career opportunities?  Social media allows individuals to see the different organizations that are looking for help.  A charity’s Twitter account may publicize an upcoming volunteer drive.  The business management major may see that tweet and contact the organization about volunteer opportunities.  A blog site may feature an article about the Red Cross delivering aid to flood victims.  College students in the area may feel compelled to get involved.  Getting involved while in college will boost that resume even more.  Social media allows individuals to get more people involved with charities or causes.  The large user numbers mean that it has become easier to reach more people.

These sites also promote a sharing of ideas.  The best way to filter the quality of an idea is to have others consider them.  What better way to get a peer review than posting a blog question or a tweet?  One tweet that is seen by one hundred followers is easier than talking to the same amount of people in person.  The same tweet may reach even more people if the information is passed along.  The volume of feedback has the capability to grow exponentially.

At the end of the day, college graduates may be facing a tougher economy with fewer jobs.  However, it behooves them to learn and take advantage of the connectivity provided by social media.  The more connected a person is, the larger the chance that opportunities will be knocking.  Social media will continue to grow over time and the possibilities are endless.  The new age of doing business and connecting with others has arrived.  How will you get connected?

Get Informed and Get Involved.


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