Hawaii’s Special Election

On just about every political news website, one of the top stories features Hawaii’s special election to fill the vacant 1st Congressional District seat. The election has three main opponents, Republican Charles Djou and Democrats Ed Case and Colleen Hanabusa. The election will be done through a mail-in ballot process. Ballots have already begun to arrive in the mailboxes of registered voters. Hawaii rarely uses this type of process for an election of this magnitude. However, this is a stand-alone election and the mail-in process saved more money.

Republican candidate, Charles Djou, currently is a Honolulu City Councilman

Those unfamiliar with how this process works needs to look no further than Desperate America. Today’s post is not designed to tell you how to vote. Nor is it designed as a campaign tool for a specific candidate. Instead, we will go over how the process will unfold and what you need to do to ensure your voice is heard.

Democrat Ed Case previously held the 2nd CD House seat after the passing of Patsy Mink.

The ballots were initially mailed out to registered voters at the end of April. The ballots will continue to arrive over the next 7-10 days. Inside each envelope is a ballot and a return envelope. There is no need for stamps as the postage is already paid for. The return envelope and the ballot itself provide instructions on how to properly cast your vote and the procedure of mailing the ballot back. Once the ballot has been completed and put into the return envelope, it is important that you sign your return envelope. There is an area under the flap of the envelope that requires your signature. If you fail to provide your signature, your vote will be deemed invalid and will not be counted for the election. Place your envelope in the mailbox and be sure that it is taken by the post man. Congratulations, you have voted for the 1st CD vacancy! If for any reason you made a mistake on the ballot or something occurred which prevents you from mailing back the ballot, contact the Office of Elections immediately.

Democrat Colleen Hanabusa is the current Hawaii Senate President.

The special election for the 1st CD seat in the United States House of Representatives, was needed after the resignation of Neil Abercrombie. Rep. Abercrombie resigned for the seat earlier this year to run for governor of Hawaii. Abercrombie had been part of Hawaii’s congressional delegation since 1991. The special election will reveal the new winner on May 22, 2010. Voting will end at 6pm on that day. There is also an option of absentee walk-in voting that can be done at Honolulu Hale starting on May 10-20 from 8am-5pm. There is no excuse to not take part in the election.

This election will fill the vacant seat until the upcoming primary and general elections in the fall of 2010. The winner of this special election will only hold the seat for a few months. However, whomever comes out of this special election as the winner, will no doubt have all the momentum and a lot larger campaign fund than the competitors. If you failed to register in time for this election, don’t fret. You still have time to register for the coming primary and general elections. However, don’t procrastinate until it is too late!

Get Informed and Get Involved!


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