Monday’s Best: The Pixel Project

Desperate America is always looking to bring more attention to the people and organizations whose focus is on moving society forward and making sure every voice is heard and protected.  Today we discuss the work of The Pixel Project. The Pixel Project has not been on the scene for a very long time but has a dedicated staff of volunteers that have helped bring the group into the main stream.

Started in January of 2009, The Pixel Project aims to bring the discussion on violence against women(VAW) to the forefront and to promote an open dialogue between the sexes.  The brainchild of Regina Yau, the Pixel Project was founded to assist Malaysia’s Women’s Aid Organization.  According to Yau, the idea was conceived utilizing the time-honored tradition of showering.  The Pixel Project has benefited greatly by incorporating the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence(NCADV) into the fold.

The Pixel Project calls on all citizens of the world to stand up for women's rights.

Utilizing a large number of volunteers, the Pixel Project uses social media networks to spread their ideas and missions and to reach new people.  The organization has volunteer twitter users update the Pixel Project twitter account, which boasts nearly 5,000 followers, with links to domestic violence and sexual assault hotlines around the world.  Articles pertaining to violence against women are also tweeted and retweeted.  Many of the Pixel Project’s twitter following also retweet the messages which allows for a larger audience for the organization.  On Facebook, the Pixel Project features a following of over 2,400 users and offers information and links to the main website.

The organization faces an uphill battle in their quest to end violence against women.  Traditionally, many areas around the world have turned a blind eye to the issue and have periodically condoned the action.  This is where the Pixel Project does most of its work.  Volunteers and staff members do their best to increase visibility on cases of VAW in certain areas of the world.  The group looks to tackle the issues of forced marriage, dowries, and rape.  The main tactic in the fight against VAW is to increase participation of men with the organization.  The Pixel Project encourages men to talk about VAW and to teach younger generations about gender equality and respect.  The Pixel Project is currently running a campaign for followers and volunteers to vote for a male celebrity to join the cause.  The winner will work with other intellectuals and celebrities to assist in the effort of education and awareness.  To participate in the vote, visit the Pixel Project’s, Voter’s Choice Campaign 2010.

The Pixel Project has a tremendously hard-working staff and will continue to increase awareness around the world on the issue of VAW.  It is the hope of Desperate America that more individuals will get involved in the cause and educate their family and friends.  This is an issue that everyone should be involved with.  It is time to do your part in bringing the society forward.

Get Informed and Get Involved!

***For more information on VAW, please visit the Violence Against Women Online Resource.


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