Notes: Hawaii Coffee Party Meeting

Cross-Posted with Honolulu Coffee Party Examiner

The Hawaii Coffee Party recently held a meeting to discuss a party platform and to plan for the upcoming meeting with United States Congresswoman Mazie Hirono.  As originally reported here, the Hawaii Coffee Party is a local extension of the Coffee Party USA.  Originally started by Annabelle Park, Coffee Party USA strives to bring civility into the public discourse and to be a melting pot of various political view points and opinions.

A small group of concerned and interested citizens made their way to a Honolulu Starbucks for the meeting.  The meeting was convened and led by Coffee Party USA’s Hawaii contact, Wayne Coito.  The discussion started with introductions by the various participants.  The meeting quickly turned into a forum to air the public despair towards the current state of the government, financial industry and the overall economy.  The underlying complaint was a lack of transparency and integrity in the American political system.

The conversion soon turned to the organization and goals of the Coffee Party.  Attendees expressed confusion as to what the party was trying to accomplish and what was they plan of attack.  Mr. Coito explained that the organization was still in the infancy stages and was continually shaping its platform.  The core issues of government transparency, responsibility, and civil discourse remained unchanged.  However, the Coffee Party is currently evaluating possible goals and courses of action.  Elaborating further, Mr. Coito talked about the need for interested parties to step up to the plate and lend a hand in shaping the organization.  He explained that the organization was formed as a response to the public outcry over the need for civility in politics.  As with any fledgling entity or business, the Coffee Party is ever changing and always looking to solidify its stance on issues.

Moving forward, the Hawaii Coffee Party is attempting to organize their efforts into sitting down with politicians and officials to discuss ways for individuals to help in the community.  The Hawaii Coffee Party is also looking to work with local officials to ensure open elections and voter education.  For more information on the Hawaii Coffee Party, keep your browsers open to the Honolulu Coffee Party Examiner.

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