Honoring our Military

Aloha and Happy Memorial Day to every American.  Today we put aside our political views and remember that Memorial Day is a day to honor our servicemen and servicewomen that stand on the front lines to protect America’s glory and independence.  Memorial Day honors the past achievements and sacrifices of our military men and women that have helped shape this country.  Today, we should all take time out from our busy day of shopping, barbecuing, swimming or lounging, and thank each and every person in our life that has served in the military.  Thank your brother for his service in Afghanistan.  Thank you father or uncle for their time served.  Remember those Americans that willfully gave their lives in the defense of this great country and never forget that they only thing asked of any American, is to live our lives and strive to do great things.

With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continuing to rage on, it is especially important to recognize and thank our military during such a tumultuous time in America’s history.  The average American shutters at the thought of protecting this country against an extremist enemy.  The men and women of our armed forces revel in their individual parts to protect our freedoms and our way of life.

So on this beautiful day across Hawaii, remember to stop and thank the retired Navy officer across the street or shake the hands of the Marine Private walking at the mall.  Today is a day that asks all Americans to support each other and recognize all the hard work that has gone on to build America and keep her great.

Get Informed and Get Involved!


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