Gearing up for the Primary Election

The upcoming elections may drastically alter Hawaii's future and the work done in this building.

Cross-Posted with Honolulu Coffee Party Examiner

Hawaii’s special election is now a few weeks removed and Hawaii Republicans and Democrats have had their conventions.  Hawaii elected a Republican to be part of the US delegation for the first time in over 20 years, and political heavyweights Ed Case and Mufi Hannemann made big headlines with their announcements.  The September Primary Election is still more than two months away.  However, the Hawaii Coffee Party already has taken some steps toward being active during the political season.  Beginning with the June 7th meeting with Congresswoman Hirono, Hawaii Coffee Party members are looking to speak with various local politicians and hopefuls about their visions for Hawaii.  The local chapter of the Coffee Party is trying to establish itself in Hawaii as a strong political movement aimed at bringing the truth and transparency to our government and elections.

Hawaii voters are notorious for poor election turnouts during mid-term elections.  This year the expectations are different.  The governor’s office is up for grabs this election and some big names are vying for the office.  With the recent Furlough Friday’s debacle fresh in the minds of the voters, the candidates will need to establish themselves as true leaders, unafraid of examining the entire scope of the government to find ways to save money and promote efficiency.  The Coffee Party principal of transparency in government resonates with all citizens.  Government at all levels has moved further and further away from that goal.  Voters will need to find the candidates that will help bring the public back into the policy debate and create an open forum for all citizens to air their concerns.  Groups like the Hawaii Coffee Party, Common Cause Hawaii, and Kanu Hawaii are leading the push for more transparency and for fair elections.  Low voter turnout has usually been the result of the public feeling disenfranchised with how candidates are funded.  It has become more about how deep the pockets are rather than how compatible a candidate’s platform is to the voters.

Until Hawaii’s politicians uphold their promises of better transparency in the government, it is likely that voters will continue to feel disenfranchised with the current state of things.  This discontent will only lead to poor voter turnout and the incumbents will continue to be reelected.  As voters, we need to take a stand and let our politicians know that they are accountable to the public and not the unions or corporations giving them money.  As a democratic republic, this country was founded on having fair elections to decide our representation in government.  Hopefully the work will continue and the Hawaii Coffee Party stands to play a large role in all of this.

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