Monday’s Best: Common Cause

Aloha and welcome to another installment of “Monday’s Best” brought to you by Desperate America. After last week’s special comment, today we celebrate and put the spotlight on an organization that is dedicated to voicing the concerns of all Americans. Today we spotlight an organization that was founded to help citizens stay involved in how the country is run.  Common Cause is this week’s “Monday’s Best.”

John W. Gardner started Common Cause in 1970 to help bring the public into the political discussion.

Originally founded in 1970, by John Gardner, Common Cause became a vehicle for citizens to have their voices heard during the political process and keep politicians accountable for public interest. Common Cause is focused on creating and fostering an environment of accountability and honest government. 4,000 members were in place as the organization launched in 1970 as a people’s lobby. It now boasts a membership of 400,000 and 36 state offices in addition to the Washington D.C. office. The organization has a local Hawaii chapter that helps promote seminars and events discussing varying topics such as corporate lobbyists and fair elections. Currently, Common Cause is working on strengthening public participation, promoting fair elections, fight for independent media, and working to curb the money flowing from corporations into the government for lobbying.

Common Cause has an array of chances for the public to become involved. Alongside of local meetings or seminars, Common Cause offers memberships for a low-cost of $15 for students and $40 for individuals. There are also family membership packages as well as high-end packages. Visit their membership page for more information. Common Cause also features a special “Take Action” page on the organization website. This area lists different initiatives that Common Cause is currently undertaking. The page offers online petitions or letters that allow interested individuals to participate and add their name to the cause. The section also offers resources to find local elected officials and ways to contact them. Common Cause has a very easily navigated website. For more about getting involved visit Common Cause today!

Common Cause is a worthwhile organization whose sole mission is to bring people into the discussion. It is an organization that hinges on public support and donations. If anyone is looking for a way to get involved with the community, Common Cause is a great way to get started. Hawaii needs more people to get involved. America needs more people to get involved. Whether its Common Cause, Pixel Project, or any other worthy organization, the citizens of Hawaii and the rest of the nation need to be involved. Once again, congratulations to Common Cause for their extraordinary efforts. They are truly Monday’s Best!

Get Involved: Complacency is the breeding grounds for Incompetence!


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