Special Comment: Who Will Step Up For Hawaii?

There is currently a void in Hawaii politics.  There is a gap between politicians, the unions, and the voters of Hawaii.  Politics in Hawaii has become a network of friends and business partners that tend to keep away the outsiders and the underdogs.  Unions have become a large political force in the islands and many times use politicians to gain even more power.  Where are the voters of Hawaii come out in all of this?  The answer is pretty simple.  The voters of Hawaii are left holding the tab of out of control unions and politicians.  The voters of Hawaii are left searching for a better alternative but being denied by the powers in place of a viable alternatives.  Who will help the people of Hawaii?  Where will this help come from?  What needs to be done by everyday citizens?  Let’s try to take a crack at those questions here today.

The first question that needs to be addressed is the matter of finding WHO will help Hawaii’s citizens.  Are we searching for a group or a single person?  Will the Tea Party of Hawaii step in and make a difference?  Will the Hawaii Coffee Party get off the sidelines and step up?  The Tea Party has already held a few protests at the state capitol and have already garnered the support of some elected officials, most notably, Rep. Kymberly Pine.  The Hawaii Tea Party has also began to pressure candidates to answer questions.  Perhaps the Tea Party will continue to make strides forward and will one day become a major player in Hawaii politics.

Will the Hawaii Coffee Party step up and be a difference maker?  The national Coffee Party USA is still only a few months old but steadily gaining steam with campaigns aimed at getting to the voters and collecting their ideas and opinions on various topics.  The Coffee Party USA has a convention set for September and has already made splashes with some politicians in our nation’s capitol.  However, the local Hawaii chapter is conspicuously absent from the fold.  Having canceled a meeting with US Rep. Mazie Hirono, the Hawaii Coffee Party has not voiced any intentions to take part in one of the many Coffee Party USA events.  Perhaps the lack of organization is a result in the group being new in the state and still searching for its leaders.  However poised to make a difference, the Hawaii Coffee Party does not seem ready or willing to really help Hawaii’s citizens at this time.

Where will the great hope come from?  Perhaps the answer lies only in our own yards.  Perhaps the key to all of this is the citizens of Hawaii.  It seems odd that nearly every poll addressing the effectiveness of Hawaii’s government leaders show low support yet those same leaders continually get reelected.  Where is the change?  It seems an obvious place to start is with the actual electorate.  Hawaii voters tend to vote with their gut rather than their heads.  What is needed is honest debate about the policies and politics of Hawaii.  Voters need to research candidates and ask questions of the people running for office.  The notion of voting for a particular candidate because he or she is a nice person is horribly ignorant.  That type of thinking led to the current state of affairs for both the country and the state.  People need to vote on merit.  Forget about religion, ethnicity, status and where the person is from.  Instead, focus on the candidates politics.  Focus on which candidate posses similar views on important issues.

The final question seems to have already been answered.  The key to fixing Hawaii is in the hands of every citizen of this great state.  Nothing will change unless citizens band together and take part in the political process.  It starts with informed voters and moves to electing capable individuals.  It then continues with voters staying involved in the community and letting elected officials know of any problems or concerns within the community.  The final step is really the first step.  Citizens need to keep each other and the government accountable for their actions.  If a politician is unable to help his district, the politician needs to explain the matter and the voters need to decide if someone else is needed.

The dream of a new Hawaii is not difficult to achieve.  However, it will require every citizen to do their part and make small sacrifices.  Instead of watching American Idol, how about going to a neighborhood board meeting?  A simple act like that will lead to others getting involved.  The future of Hawaii can be a bright one.  It is up to all of us to do our part and move Hawaii forward.  The waiting is over, now is the time to act.

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