Monday’s Best: Our Public School

Everyone can remember sitting around a table with friends or colleagues and complaining about not being able to find information on a specific topic.  Everyone has wondered when a website would be created that would gather all the best minds and ideas from a certain field and have that information easily accessible for the rest of the world.  Well the newest member of Desperate America’s Monday’s Best has brought that type of thinking to the problem of fixing the public schools system.  Our Public School was founded by a small group of educators and administrators that felt the need to address a decaying public school system and to find new solutions and new voices to fix the problem.  The board members of the organization feature an all-star list of educators and business professionals.  A familiar name in the mix may be Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng, sister of President Barack Obama.

The group’s founders have gained a wealth of knowledge on their travels and prescribe to the notion that the key to a great education is great educators.  OPS pushes this vision forward by acting as a resource for teachers and other educators by providing a database of ideas and successful practices.  The group strives to build a team of experts who can assist educators.  Our Public Schools has created a web site that allows educators to identify, interpret, and implement the best practices to address their specific needs.  The organization envisions a day when an entire community comes together to be accountable for the state of our public schools.  OPS is attempting to bring in business people, religious leaders, politicians and every day citizens to build this team.

To this point, Our Public Schools has already begun launching a campaign nationwide aimed at identifying and gathering successful education practices to build its database.  The campaign kicked off in May 2009 and has started in Hawaii.  The group also utilizes Facebook, YouTube, and other forms of media to highlight the work of successful schools and organizations.  This work has allowed others in the community to become familiar with the cause of OPS.  To understand the vision of the organization, visit their mission page today.

Our Public Schools has begun a campaign to raise money that would allow members to travel around the country and document the best practices and the top people.  Currently, OPS is searching for interested people to join the cause and provide support by submitting ideas and practices in action.  The group is also asking for $10 donations to be made to OPS.  The goal of the organization is to get 100,000 members to each donate $10.  This type of money would go a long way to building a better site and reaching more people across the country.  Our Public Schools needs all the help it can get to really become the organization it is striving to be.  This help needs to come from the community.  Politicians, artists, business owners, educators, and everyone else in the community needs to band together to ensure a strong public school system for future generations.  This country will only be as strong as its weakest link.  Our Public Schools is looking to strengthen that weak link.

Get Involved: Complacency is the breeding grounds for Incompetence!


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