Coffee Party Voting Results

Cross-Posted with the Honolulu Coffee Party Examiner

The Coffee Party has released the results of the vote they conducted on Money in Politics.  As previously mentioned, the Coffee Party held the vote to gather the pulse of the movement.  The vote is expected to dictate the next movements of the party in terms of focusing campaigns and operations toward certain goals.

The vote asked a series of questions regarding campaign finance reform and which bills should be supported.  Thousands of members participated in the vote and the overwhelming majority agreed that the recent Supreme Court ruling to place corporations on the same level as the voting public was incorrect and would likely lead to unfair elections.  Of the more than 3,000 respondents, 95% encourage the Coffee Party to get behind legislation that address money in politics and campaign reform.  Check out the official results in detail here.

The Coffee Party needs to use the results of the vote and carry the momentum forward into the coming mid-term elections.  I should be an interesting time for the party in terms of getting the politicians involved with Coffee Party initiatives.


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