Monday’s Best: AbolishCancer

For the next few weeks, the “Monday’s Best” series will be taking on cancer.  The never-ending search for a cure to cancer has led to many telethon and numerous money drives over the years.  The battle has really evolved into a money game.  Cancer centers and organizations are scouring the globe for more and more funding.  This funding goes towards research/development and facilities/staff.  The ever-growing presence of the internet has led to many foundations and groups going to the web to find funding and ideas.  However, one group is trying to capitalize on the emergence of social media to secure donations to different cancer foundations.  This group is utilizing Twitter to provide an opportunity for every day individuals to donate reasonable sums of money to a foundation of their choosing.  Desperate America would like to honor AbolishCancer as Monday’s Best.

AbolishCancer allows everyday people to make a difference in the fight to find a cure.

The brainchild of Darah Bonham, AbolishCancer aims at combining interest in social networking and crowd sourcing to help support finding a cure for cancer.  The group does not benefit any specific cancer group or foundation.  Instead, Twitter users are encouraged to donate to the group of their choosing and can serve as a daily sponsor for AbolishCancer.  Daily sponsors are usually asked to put up $1 for every new Twitter follower of AbolishCancer for that specific day.  For instance, if Joe Shmoe sponsored for a Friday, and AbolishCancer gained 300 new followers, Joe would then donate $300 to any cancer group he so chooses.  The concept allows for more of a direct influence from participants and sponsors.  The concept also allows more organizations precious advertising time and much-needed funding.

The idea of using a social media networking site to find interested individuals does not seem like a novel concept.  However, the problem has always been finding a successful plan and getting enough people to support the cause.  As with any social media network, Twitter has its fair share of attention seekers who seem more concerned in posting their every move rather than learning and growing from interactions.  AbolishCancer has found a nice blend of quick marketing in Twitter and great insight in a Blogspot site.  The blog allows the group to highlight and explain how average people are making a difference.  The blog also helps AbolishCancer explain the different causes and foundations that are receiving donations.  The group has all the makings of becoming a real force in the social media world.

AbolishCancer may not have any real name recognition or may not have raised millions of dollars in donations.  However, the group has shown that anyone can make a difference and that every little donation gradually chips away at the goal.  At the start of June, AbolishCancer had already raised over $11,000 in donations for various causes.  The amount of money and the number of foundations will continue to grow as more and more people get involved in the fight to cure cancer.  Let this day serve as a call to action.  While finishing up celebrations for Independence Day weekend, remember that there are millions of Americans who need our help.  Get involved today with AbolishCancer or just find a local cancer foundation to help out.  Every little bit helps.  One day we will live in a world without cancer.  One day we will AbolishCancer!


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  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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