A closer look: Hawaii’s GOP candidates for Lt. Governor

Let us first extend a thank you to all the readers of this blog.  With your help, Desperate America Report and the Honolulu Coffee Party Examiner had their highest viewer amount for the week and also set a record for most views in a single day.  We are around to educate and promote involvement with all our readers.  Once again, thank you!

Now on to more pertinent things.  Today we will be taking a look at the Republican challengers for the office of Lieutenant Governor.  Last week Monday we introduced the candidates to everyone.  Beginning today, we will go in-depth with the candidates discussing their history and the issues they are running on.  There are only two Republicans in the race.  One is current House Minority Leader, Lyn Finnegan, while the other is attorney Adrienne King.  Let’s start by taking a look at Adrienne King.

The former deputy prosecuting attorney is a Republican candidate for Lt. Governor.

Attorney Adrienne King was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She graduated from the University of Detroit with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  After earning a law degree from the University of Detroit, King was offered to serve as an intern for an environmental group in Hawaii.  King would then be hired as a deputy prosecuting attorney.  She was the third woman ever hired for the position.  She was the first woman in Hawaii to prosecute a murder case, securing a conviction as charged and was the first woman named Circuit Court Felony Team Captain.

In 1975 King was transferred to the City Attorney’s office. While there she was sole or lead attorney in over twenty-five civil jury trials to verdict.  King would serve at the office until 1985 when she left to form a private practice.  In 1989 she was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  She later returned to private practice in 1993, focusing primarily on family court issues.  In 2007, King would be elected Chair of the Family Law Section of the Hawaii State Bar Association.  She would serve as the chief lobbyist at the Hawaii Legislature.

King’s campaign website point to three key issues for the former deputy attorney.  The three issues are Education, Economy, and Efficiency.  King would like to audit the DOE from top to bottom and have the information made public.  The audit would include the finances, management practices, and personnel administration of the DOE.  She would also like to allow both teachers and students the opportunity to write yearly reviews of the school and administrators confidentially.  King would like to see tax breaks for small businesses while turning Hawaii into a Green tech research center.  The move for Hawaii into green industries would bring private and public money to the state.

The Hawaii House Minority Leader is the presumed favorite for the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor.

State House Minority Leader, Lynn Finnegan, is the youngest of seven children.  Finnegan grew up in Kuhio Park Terrace and in Waianae.  The tough living situations did little to stifle the hard-working Finnegan as she has been able to become a successful businesswoman and State Legislator.  Finnegan is married to Honolulu Fire Department Captain, Peter Finnegan.  They have two children who are enrolled in public charter schools.

Rep. Finnegan was elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives in 2002 and represents the 32nd District of Aiea.  Finnegan served as Vice-Chair of the Hawaii Republican Party from 2001-2003 as well as being part of the Aiea/Pearl City Business Association.  The Aiea Representative has also worked as a loan originator with Primary Residential Mortgage.

Finnegan runs a campaign which includes a focus on getting government more efficient.  She aims to increase partnerships with the private and non-profit sectors to better provide various services.  Sticking to a Republican call to arms, Finnegan also preaches the end to increased taxes for Hawaii.  Finnegan is part of a growing group of legislators who would like to see a mandatory minimum of school instruction days set up.  The idea is to combat the recent furlough days.  Pointing to her own children as proof, Finnegan would like to add to the list of public charter schools and increase the funding to those schools.  The though is to increase the available options for Hawaii’s families.

Finnegan pushes for a green Hawaii with thoughts of prioritizing permitting for solar, wind, wave, and geothermal energy.  She also would like financial incentives for homes and businesses to “go green.”  Finnegan is also looking to implement a preference towards local businesses in state purchasing of goods and services.  This move would be in conjunction to reduced regulation, taxes, and fees on small businesses in Hawaii.

Both King and Finnegan are the typical less taxes/less regulation Republicans.  However, both are focused on creating a more environmental conscience Hawaii and allowing alternative energy initiatives the time to grow and prosper.  It is interesting that the Hawaii GOP has tabbed two established and powerful women to run for Lt. Governor.  After all, it was the Hawaii GOP that put the first woman into the office of the Governor of Hawaii.

King will be the underdog in the race as she is not as widely known in the community.  However, her accomplishments and past history is a major campaign bonus as she will look to topple Finnegan.  The House Minority Leader will need to play on her time spent in the legislature and point to her strong opposition to increased taxes and her staunch support of charter schools.  Finnegan is aided by her endorsements from State Senator Fred Hemmings and former US Congresswoman, Pat Saiki.

The early edge is given to Rep. Finnegan but it will be a tough race.  The key for either candidate is to appeal to the GOP base as the candidate who will fight for the individuals and assist the small business owners of Hawaii.  The winner of that battle will likely get enough support down the stretch to pull off a victory.

Join us tomorrow as Desperate America Report and the Honolulu Coffee Party Examiner take a look at the top guns in the Democratic Party race for the Lt. Governor.

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