Honolulu City Council passes fireworks ban…sort of

The Honolulu City Council recently passed a bill to ban most types of consumer fireworks.  The bill passed by a vote of 7-2.  It will now go to the desk of the acting Honolulu Mayor to sign or veto.  The mayor will have 10 business days to make a decision.  Previously, acting mayor, Kirk Caldwell indicated he would support a ban on fireworks.  The ban would allow for only the popular red firecrackers which can currently be bought with a $25 fireworks permit.  The current permit process allows for an unlimited amount of permits to be purchased by an individual and a limit of 5,000 firecrackers per permit.

There has been much talk about a potential ban on fireworks after recent years of low winds leading to clouds of smoke hanging over the city.  For more information on the ban visit the Star Advertiser.

Here is how the Honolulu City Council voted:

Yea-7: Ikaika Anderson, Todd Apo, Donovan Dela Cruz, Lee Donohue, Nestor Garcia, Ann Kobayashi and Gary Okino,

Nay-2: Romy Cachola and Rod Tam


2 responses to “Honolulu City Council passes fireworks ban…sort of

  1. we gon’ party tonight

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