Primaries are over, let’s move on!

Everyone has had some time to recover from the hard fought primary election battles.  Now comes the general election battle.  The next month and a half is shaping up to be even dirtier and tougher for everyone involved.  Our television screens will be inundated with ads from candidates and special interest groups.  Here is a brief rundown of the governor and US Congressional races:

Hawaii Governor:

Duke Aiona(R) v. Neil Abercrombie(D)

The rundown: Aiona faced little opposition in the primary election and has the advantage of being the fresh face.  However, the same advantage could also serve as a negative for the former judge.  Aiona will need to convey his message and do so in a relatively quick manner.  Abercrombie is riding a wave of momentum after his landslide victory over Mufi Hannemann.  Abercrombie must face fatigued voters who have seen his face and heard his voice since late July.  Abercrombie is a smart campaigner and does have the advantage of momentum.

US Senate:

Cam Cavasso(R) vs. Daniel Inouye(D)

The rundown: Cavasso is the GOP favorite and faced little resistance in the primary.  He faces an uphill battle against the 50 year incumbent, Daniel Inouye.  Cavasso must find a way to reach the voters and to convince many that Inouye no longer tends to the interests of Hawaii’s citizens.  Inouye has the warchest and the base after a half century in Washington DC.  Inouye needs only to stay away from controversy to see another reelection.

US House 1st CD

Charles Djou(R) vs. Colleen Hanabusa(D)

The rundown: Djou is the incumbent and has the advantage of having a record to run on.  However, that record has already been attacked by the DCCC for being partisan and ignoring the working class.  Djou is energetic and charismatic and will have the advantage of living in the district he is running in.  Hanabusa has the full backing of the Democracts, something she didn’t have during the special election.  Hanabusa will have the financial support and will have an energized group of supporters who want to return the 1st CD House seat to blue.

US 2nd CD House:

John Willoughby(R) vs. Mazie Hirono(D)

The rundown: Hirono is the incumbent and has the sizeable advantage over her Republican challenger.  Willoughby ran a tough race against Ramsay Wharton and did not seal the victory until the final printout.  Willoughby will be hard pressed to compete financially with Hirono and will need to find a way to reach the voters of the spread out 2nd district.

Next week Desperate America Report and the Honolulu Coffee Party Examiner will go in depth with each race.  We will also chose a couple of interesting races for the State House and Senate.  If there is a race you would like to see covered, please contact us.


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