Two Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot for Hawaii

There are two Hawaii Constitutional amendments which will be on the general election ballots.  Hawaii voters will have the power to greatly alter the next few decades with the two amendments.  The first amendment is the highly publicized and controversial amendment which would turn the current Board of Education into an appointed board rather than the current elected board.  This amendment is currently being supported by the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor.  The second amendment is equally important but has not gained much attention.  This amendment would provide the Hawaii legislature with authority to determine whether excess funds should be used as tax refunds or tax credits to taxpayers of the State or diverted to one or more funds to serve as temporary supplemental sources of funding for the State.  The funds would be a safeguard for emergency or economic downturn.

Both amendments put extraordinary power into the hands of the government.  However, one amendment looks to streamline a process while the other seems to fight over more control.  Desperate America Report will take a look at each of the amendments and weight the effects of both.  Join us on Thursday for a look at the Constitutional amendment aimed at allowing the legislature to determine how excess funds are used.


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