It’s Time! Go Vote! Updates throughout the Day!

—Update 2:07PM HST—

Kentucky Senate win has been projected for Tea Party candidate, Rand Paul. CNN has projected Democrat Chris Coons as the Delaware Sen winner. More updates to come!

—Update 11:17AM HST—

Polls will be closing at about 6pm locally. However, as long as you are in line by 6pm, you will be allowed to vote. Please remember that and also bring an ID with you when voting to avoid any problems. Know your voting rights and make sure to properly fill out your ballot! East coast polls are expected to close in the next couple of hours and the results should begin to come in shortly thereafter. Follow us on Twitter and check back here for updates throughout the day!


The polls are open all across America and citizens are exercising their rights as Americans! We’ll have updates on all the big national races as well as the big races in Hawaii throughout the day. Please feel free to leave comments on who you think will win and what you think about the results. If you are reading this, you better have already voted. If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! GO VOTE!

-Desperate America Report


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