Polls are closed and now we wait!

—Update 11:44pm—
The second and third printouts have come in. The Aiona and Djou camps have conceded their respective races and thanked their supporters. Aiona trails Abercrombie by nearly 5x his defecit after the first printout. Hanabusa has a 10,000 vote cushion over Djou.

The final printout should be out around 2am. A complete wrap-up will be available on Thursday! Thanks to everyone who stayed with us throughout the night!

—Update 7:56pm—
First printout for Hawaii has Abercrombie up by about 17,000 votes, Hanabusa up by 3,000 votes. Nevada Senator Harry Reid has survived on the back of 90% of Latino vote.

Second printout should be out around 9:30pm.


Polls across Hawaii have now closed. The results are coming in from around the country and are beginning to sort out the winners and losers. This is what we know so far:

Democratic Senators, Russ Feingold(WI) and Blanche Lincoln(AR) have lost their bids for reelection. As it stands, the GOP will have the majority in the House but the Democrats will still hold the majority in the Senate.

The results from Hawaii should begin to trickle in within the next hour with the first printout scheduled for about 6:45PM. The first printout should primarily consist of all the early and absentee voters around the state. Of course, there may still be some absentee ballots which will not be included since the deadline to return absentee ballots to the Office of Elections was 6PM tonight.

We’ll have more updates as the results come in tonight!


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