Special Election to fill Honolulu City Council Vacancy

The Honolulu City Council has confirmed they will be conducting a special election on December 29th to fill the vacancy after the resignation of Councilman Todd Apo.  The election will be done strictly through mail in voting as was the case when filling the last few council vacancies.

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2 responses to “Special Election to fill Honolulu City Council Vacancy

  1. Thank you for your comment Mr. LoPresti. It is always great to hear from the candidates themselves. We welcome your input on this site and on the issues at hand.

  2. Aloha. I am one of the candidates for this election. I’ve never run for office and am running now because I, like many other taxpayers, are tired of the same old candidates who run in any election they can get their names in. We need real representation from someone who is genuinely interested in serving the community, not just themselves. Please check out my website and I hope that you share some of my concerns. I will be blogging about the issues throughout the campaign. http://www.mslopresti.com


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