A simple “Thank You” on Veteran’s Day

We are the land of the free because of the brave.  We hear it all the time, a simple twist of the final line of our national anthem.  However, just a week removed from another election season, we are truly thankful to have been given the opportunity to vote.  All too often we take for granted our freedoms.  We take for granted the ability to vote.  In fact, there are many in this country who choose not to vote and think it is not their problem.  Have we forgotten the sacrifices of previous generations?  Have we grown to be too comfortable with life?  Have we become so blinded by our excess and material bliss that we have forgotten how lucky we are as Americans?

Veteran’s Day allows every American the opportunity to find and thank a past or present service member for their service towards this country and ourselves.  It is a day in which we take the time to remember our fallen heroes and those men and women who put themselves in the line of fire every single day.  Today we show our appreciation to our military brothers and sisters.  I challenge everyone reading this today to remember the sacrifices of our military brothers and sisters and thank them for the opportunity to attend school, to go shopping at a mall, to attend a football game and other every day tasks in peace.  In an ever-changing world, these brave men and women have done their best to keep us safe and have asked for nothing in return.  While we may see imperfections in our country, we can all be thankful to our heroes who have allowed us to point these imperfections out and to work together keep this country great.

Our thanks and praise will never be a suitable show of affection and appreciation to our military heroes.  However, let us all take the first step and just say thank you!


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