Pentagon Releases “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Study

Sen. John McCain has been one of the strongest opponents of a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy repeal. (Photo/

The Pentagon conducted a study beginning earlier this year to measure the affects of a repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy currently being used in the United States Military.  There has been a strong push to repeal the policy over the last few years as more and more members of the military have been expelled due to violations under DADT.  Perhaps the loudest opponent of repeal has been Sen. John McCain (AZ-R).  McCain has previously stated he would reserve his decision on a vote to repeal until the study was concluded.  However, as information from the study has slowly leaked over the previous weeks, Sen. McCain has hardened his stance against repeal by stating the study does not adequately measure the feelings of rank-and-file soldiers.

Here is the link to the PBS story involving the release of the DADT study conducted by the Pentagons.

Some interesting points:

-The study concluded the overall risk to military effectiveness was low

-69% of respondents recognized that they may have served in a unit with a gay or lesbian coworker

-There was a margin of error for results of 1%

Here is the link to the Pentagon report


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