DADT Repealed/DREAM Blocked by GOP

In a historic moment, the United States Senate voted to end the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy.  It was part of an up and down day for liberals as the DREAM Act failed to garner the support to pass.  The Obama Administration vowed to continue the fight on the immigration bill.

Senate repeals DADT

DREAM Act fails


2 responses to “DADT Repealed/DREAM Blocked by GOP

  1. Again…
    anyone can be a citizen…legally.
    a bill to let people in who did not come in leagally will add to more problems; missuse of monies and more crime…
    Please, come in legally, or not, it is the person’s decission. period.

    • The DREAM Act was geared towards the young people who were brought here as children. Many of them have already gone to grade school and only know this country. They would be given citizenship by completing college or serving in the military.

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