City Council District 1 Candidate John Roco

Honolulu City Council District 1 Candidate:

John Roco


Firstly, Mahalo to all of those who have supported me! From ‘horn honking’ while sign waving,  to suggesting campaign ‘colors’ from KPHI Radio, to ‘voting,’ or even those of you expressing ‘concerns.’  I value all of your calls, your input, and I will continue to listen.  Concerned citizens make Hawaii great.

Honolulu City Council District 1 Candidate John Roco

Honolulu City Council District 1 is very unique.  The ‘L’ shape covers the region most impacted by traffic.  When I commuted my children to parochial schools in Kalihi and Waialae, while opening practice in Waikiki, my family experienced traffic in the worst way.  This issue impacts District 1 most. Not only do we start jamming once we reach Waikele, but we have big jams coming home.  For us living in Waianae on the Leeward Coast, this invariably occurred at ‘The Plant,’ but happens throughout District 1- Ewa, Ewa Beach, Honouliuli, West Loch, Kapolei, Honolai Hale & Nanakai Gardens, Kalaeloa, Makakilo, and Ko Olina.  TheBus to Waianae Watershed (sometimes up to 2 ½ hours), though a refuge, still gets stuck.

5.5 Billion dollars is a lot of money.  From the U.S. Census (2009 estimate), Oahu has a population of 907,574.  If we divide:

$  5,500,000,000  / 907,574 people    =     $ 6060 / person

We get $ 6060 for each person on the island of Oahu.  Simply speaking, the responsibility of those who govern is to ensure money spent produces the greatest good. If I truly felt that spending this amount of money would save the people of Oahu from impending disaster, I would be all for it.  Security and safety is priority.

But that is not the case.

We are investing in a $ 250,000 Ferrari, when instead we could get a $ 50, 000 Ford. For those who have earned a Ferrari, such as Alberto Tomba- Italian skier whose father promised a Ferrari if he won the gold- power to them.  But as a city official, one must get the best bang for the buck and serve all the people.

5.5 Billion dollars for elevated steel, ‘invests in jobs,’ but from where?  The HTA head must be from outside Hawaii because we have no one experienced in elevated steel rail. Whereas in steep contrast, ’at grade’ track knowledge and labor is right here at home.  We can invest money in jobs that support the people who need the work, and spend the money here in Hawaii to support families and loved ones.  4 cities built light rail for less than $20 million/mile.  If we did the same, we could cut costs to 1/5 of $5.5 billion.

What I propose is ‘Cut Costs Combine.’  Hawaii has the 2nd highest and 5th highest fatality rates for bicyclists and pedestrians (go to State of Hawaii Department of Transportation ‘home’ page then click ‘Emphasis 4’).   Instead of spending $ 6060 per person on a rail plan that only extends 20 miles, and does nothing for the fatality rates of bicyclists and pedestrians, let us do the Oahu Bike Plan (just google ‘Oahu Bike Plan’) for the whole island, and everyone in it.  If we use ‘at grade’ ‘light rail,’ and integrate the ‘Oahu Bike Plan’ with trains that allow bicycles on board, and extend the original ’20 miles’ to  ’30 miles’ going all the way to Nanakuli, the cost will still be less than 1/5 of the $5.5 billion price tag for elevated steel rail.

That way:

1) money will not just benefit just those on route, but will benefit all on Oahu, whether walkers or bikers or railers.

2) the Oahu Bike Plan integrated with the ‘Safe Routes to School Hui’ ( see ) and the ‘walking school bus,’ can safely guide children, while developing fit habits, and taking cars off the road,

3) we will decrease bicycle deaths on Oahu,

4) we will decrease pedestrian deaths on Oahu,

5) we will attack traffic at its source; those furthest will be able to RAIL, decreasing jams, and benefitting ALL OF US.


My slogan is ‘doing the leg work:’ Do the research- find the better solution.  If any questions or concerns, please contact me!   If you agree, Please Vote! Mahalo!


John Roco

(808) 721-9845                   





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