Busy Day in Politics

The Hawaii  Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee will be hosting the first hearing of the 2011 session on Civil Unions.  The JDL hearing has gotten so much attention, the site of the hearing has been moved to the auditorium to accomodate the expected crowd.  The hearings begin at 10AM.  Need more info on this year’s version of the Civil Unions bill? Check out our write-up from last week.

Also in the political world today is the much anticipated State of the Union speech from President Obama.  There has been much talk about bipartisan seating by members of Congress as well as how the President’s recent remarks in Arizona will affect tonight’s speech.  The speech is set for 9PM EST or 4PM for Hawaii residents.  The White House webpage is offering an interactive way to follow the big speech with complete resources of charts and graphs relating to President Obama’s speech.  The speech will be simulcasted along all the networks and we can expect immediate analysis by the pundits.  For more on what to expect, take a look at the interesting article by Nate Silver.


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