House Committee To Hear Civil Unions Bill

The Hawaii State House will hold a Judiciary committee hearing on Senate Bill 232.  SB232 passed over to the House after passing a third reading in the Senate on Friday, January 27th.  Representative Gilbert Keith-Agaran (D-19) currently chairs the House Judiciary Committee. 

The hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 8th @ 2:15PM in the Capitol Auditorium.  A large crowd is expected similar to that of the gathering from the Senate hearing a few weeks ago.  The committee is currently accepting written testimony with a deadline of 4Pm on Monday, February 7th.  Testimony can be submitted here or for more info visit the Judiciary web page.

For more information on the bill’s progress, keep your browsers on Desperate America Report.  Follow us on Twitter for up to date news and events!


One response to “House Committee To Hear Civil Unions Bill

  1. Our Country is getting worse instead of better…
    at a local Open House for 1st grade…they were reading a story of a man witt multiple wives… what in the world are you people thinking…so very sad…
    what’s next…too scary….
    Desensitizing our children is contributing to the deliquency of a minor. period.
    Shame on anyone not protecting our children…our future.

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