Taking a look at the benefits of Civil-Unions

As the moment of Gov. Abercrombie’s signing ceremony for SB232 approaches, debate has already begun on what benefits and consequences will occur once civil-unions become legal in Hawaii.  The January edition of Hawaii Business featured a story on those issues written by Jerry Burris.  The article focuses on the economical impacts of civil-unions and the lack of hard data to prove the arguments from either side.

Here are some of the interesting points from the article:

  • Hawaii employers would see about a 1% increase in employee benefit costs.
  • Hawaii would see revenue of $4 million to $40 million for the first four years after civil-unions become legal.
  • The state of New Hampshire saved $400,000 a year on Medicaid payments after legalizing civil-unions.

For more information, check out the article: Legalizing Civil Unions-Boon or Bane for Hawaii’s Economy?



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