The Libya Saga Continues

The protests in Libya seem to be turning the corner as Libyan security forces have defected and switched sides.  Anti-government rallies continue as Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi clings to power.  The tension in the region began with anti-government protesting in Tunisia and Egypt.  Both nations saw the fall of their respective governments.  Now Libyans seem to be on the verge of continuing the trend.  Many Libyan diplomats have left the country and the UN Security Council recently moved swiftly and in force by approving sanctions on Libya by a 15-0 vote.  The sanctions feature an arms embargo as well as the freezing of assets held by Gadhafi, his family, and his associates.

Gadhafi has been in control of Libya since September of 1969. His rule seems to be on the verge of collapse. (PHOTO CREDIT: NNDB.COM)

The sanctions come on the heels of reports of civilian protesters being killed in the streets of Libya.  It has been reported that Gadhafi ordered his military to fire on protesters, going so far as to order his fighter jets in the air to attack a large rally.  A large number of Libya’s armed forces have joined the protesters or left the country entirely.

Desperate America Report hopes the situation can be resolved quickly and the citizens of Libya be spared any more violence.

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