Left and Right Upset Over Obama’s Afghan Plan

On Wednesday evening, President Obama spoke live to the nation about his plans for a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.  The plan calls for more than 30,000 troops will return home by autumn of 2012.  The plan also sends 5,000 troops home immediately with another 5,000 set to arrive stateside by the end of the year.

President Obama has drawn criticism from both sides of the Congressional aisle.  Democrats in the House feel the plan is not substantial enough and should instead make larger strides to remove troops.

Republicans have argued the plan is too drastic and could risk any momentum gained in Afghanistan.

For more information, click here (link take you to Huffington Post article).


2 responses to “Left and Right Upset Over Obama’s Afghan Plan

  1. thank you for your comment Sue! I believe just the act of bringing our troops home and ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would be a big boost to our economy.

    Use that money to get more people in school or to finally upgrade the crumbling infrastructure of the country!

  2. bring all our troops home and protect our boarders…
    stop giving money to other countries and use it here…
    Cut Government and save our country

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