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2010 in review

Here is a review of 2010 for this site.  First of all, thank you to everyone who made 2010 such an amazing experience.  I started this blog back in March of 2010 in order to push people to get involved with government and politics.  All the comments, emails, and messages really push this site forward.  Once again, thank from the bottom of my heart!

-Ryan Adverderada

Founder, Desperate America Report

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Special Comment: Hawaii’s Public School System is Flunking! April 2010
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Hawaii Office of Elections Releases Complete List of Candidates July 2010


Who will be Hawaii’s next Governor? July 2010


Berg Wins Special Election

Congratulations to Honolulu City Council’s newest member, Tom Berg.  Berg was victorious in the special election to fill the remaining two years of Todd Apo’s recently vacated seat.  Berg won with 2,326 votes out of a total of 12,559 votes cast.  Berg edged out Jason Espero and Mel Kahele to win the all mail-in ballot election.

For complete results, click here.

City Council District 1 Candidate John Roco

Honolulu City Council District 1 Candidate:

John Roco


Firstly, Mahalo to all of those who have supported me! From ‘horn honking’ while sign waving,  to suggesting campaign ‘colors’ from KPHI Radio, to ‘voting,’ or even those of you expressing ‘concerns.’  I value all of your calls, your input, and I will continue to listen.  Concerned citizens make Hawaii great.

Honolulu City Council District 1 Candidate John Roco

Honolulu City Council District 1 is very unique.  The ‘L’ shape covers the region most impacted by traffic.  When I commuted my children to parochial schools in Kalihi and Waialae, while opening practice in Waikiki, my family experienced traffic in the worst way.  This issue impacts District 1 most. Not only do we start jamming once we reach Waikele, but we have big jams coming home.  For us living in Waianae on the Leeward Coast, this invariably occurred at ‘The Plant,’ but happens throughout District 1- Ewa, Ewa Beach, Honouliuli, West Loch, Kapolei, Honolai Hale & Nanakai Gardens, Kalaeloa, Makakilo, and Ko Olina.  TheBus to Waianae Watershed (sometimes up to 2 ½ hours), though a refuge, still gets stuck.

5.5 Billion dollars is a lot of money.  From the U.S. Census (2009 estimate), Oahu has a population of 907,574.  If we divide:

$  5,500,000,000  / 907,574 people    =     $ 6060 / person

We get $ 6060 for each person on the island of Oahu.  Simply speaking, the responsibility of those who govern is to ensure money spent produces the greatest good. If I truly felt that spending this amount of money would save the people of Oahu from impending disaster, I would be all for it.  Security and safety is priority.

But that is not the case.

We are investing in a $ 250,000 Ferrari, when instead we could get a $ 50, 000 Ford. For those who have earned a Ferrari, such as Alberto Tomba- Italian skier whose father promised a Ferrari if he won the gold- power to them.  But as a city official, one must get the best bang for the buck and serve all the people.

5.5 Billion dollars for elevated steel, ‘invests in jobs,’ but from where?  The HTA head must be from outside Hawaii because we have no one experienced in elevated steel rail. Whereas in steep contrast, ’at grade’ track knowledge and labor is right here at home.  We can invest money in jobs that support the people who need the work, and spend the money here in Hawaii to support families and loved ones.  4 cities built light rail for less than $20 million/mile.  If we did the same, we could cut costs to 1/5 of $5.5 billion.

What I propose is ‘Cut Costs Combine.’  Hawaii has the 2nd highest and 5th highest fatality rates for bicyclists and pedestrians (go to State of Hawaii Department of Transportation ‘home’ page then click ‘Emphasis 4’).   Instead of spending $ 6060 per person on a rail plan that only extends 20 miles, and does nothing for the fatality rates of bicyclists and pedestrians, let us do the Oahu Bike Plan (just google ‘Oahu Bike Plan’) for the whole island, and everyone in it.  If we use ‘at grade’ ‘light rail,’ and integrate the ‘Oahu Bike Plan’ with trains that allow bicycles on board, and extend the original ’20 miles’ to  ’30 miles’ going all the way to Nanakuli, the cost will still be less than 1/5 of the $5.5 billion price tag for elevated steel rail.

That way:

1) money will not just benefit just those on route, but will benefit all on Oahu, whether walkers or bikers or railers.

2) the Oahu Bike Plan integrated with the ‘Safe Routes to School Hui’ ( see ) and the ‘walking school bus,’ can safely guide children, while developing fit habits, and taking cars off the road,

3) we will decrease bicycle deaths on Oahu,

4) we will decrease pedestrian deaths on Oahu,

5) we will attack traffic at its source; those furthest will be able to RAIL, decreasing jams, and benefitting ALL OF US.


My slogan is ‘doing the leg work:’ Do the research- find the better solution.  If any questions or concerns, please contact me!   If you agree, Please Vote! Mahalo!


John Roco

(808) 721-9845                   




City Council District 1 Candidate: Jason Espero

City Council District 1 Candidate:

Jason Espero

My roots in West Oahu began in 1989 when my family moved into Ewa by Gentry.  I started my education at Ewa Beach Elementary, and then transferred to Pearl Ridge Elementary in Aiea when my parents got divorced.  Basically, I grew up in Aiea and Ewa Beach.  Following graduation from Aiea High School, I attended two years at Menlo College.  I returned home to earn an Associate degree at Leeward Community College.  Continuing my education, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Honolulu City Council District 1 Candidate Jason Espero

After graduating from UH, my first job was working with the homeless at Pai’olu Kaiaulu Emergency Shelter in Waianae. Currently, I am involved with the homeless as the Next Step Shelter Coordinator for Waikiki Health Center.  Homelessness is a major issue in my district and on Oahu.  Furthermore, my direct experience working with the homeless and knowledge of the challenges they face will help me with finding viable solutions to end homelessness.  My compassion for others fuels my desire to serve.

I am running for office because I grew up around government and have seen how government can make a positive difference in our community and in people’s lives.  My mother is a dedicated public school teacher; my father is a veteran lawmaker in the State Senate; my brother is an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and my grandfather is retired from the Navy.  I am concerned about the future of our district and want to participate with you in the decisions which will affect us.

I bring energy, enthusiasm, and a strong desire to enhance the quality of life for all residents on Oahu and in our community.

I am a strong supporter of a rail transit system from West Oahu to downtown.  Rail will create thousands of jobs and provide another transportation option for our commuters as our population continues to grow.  Transit-oriented development (TOD) will provide jobs, services, housing, and opportunities for our residents.

Our district is known as the new city, the Second City.  As new homes are built for our residents, it is important that the proper infrastructure is in place; roads, sewers and parks in particular.

My favorite past times are surfing at White Plains Beach, spending time with my family and participating in church ministry.  My faith and family values make up my foundation.

I know it will not be an easy task, but I look forward to working with you and seeking your input on the issues that affect us.  Together, we can strive to make a difference in our community for future generations.  If you would like to learn more about me, you can visit my website

I humbly ask for your support and consideration.


Jason Espero

Candidate Submissions on Monday/Abercrombie signs EIS

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Its been a hectic two weeks with the City Council District 1 elections shaping up.  Ballots are out and beginning on Monday we’ll have the candidate submitted articles.  Unfortunately only two candidates took us up on the offer to feature an article on the site.  As such, we will instead have a basic write up of the candidates.

For now, here is a little goodie from Gene Park and the Star Advertiser:

Governor Abercrombie signs rail EIS


Former Honolulu Councilman Pleads Guilty to Theft and Fraud

Former Honolulu City Councilman and recent Honolulu Mayoral candidate, Rod “Lightning” Tam plead guilty today to 13 counts of theft and 13 counts of falsifying documents.  Tam was under investigation over allegations of fradulently seeking reimbursements for meals from 2007-2009.

Sentencing will not be until January 27, 2011.  For more on the story, click here.  We’ll have reaction to the Tam guilty plea on Monday.

*Also, a reminder to all candidates(and staffers) in the upcoming Honolulu City Council District 1 special election, we are still taking candidate submissions which will run the week ballots are out.  Here are the rules:

-700 words or less
-you may submit a photo of yourself to be added to the site
-no personal attacks on any other candidates
-you may mention how you differ from one candidate to another strictly on issues
-the purpose of this is to gather your views on issues and provide a basis of comparison for the voters of the district

List of Candidates for Honolulu City Council Vacancy

The final list of candidates vying for the Honolulu City Council District 1 vacancy has been released.  Click here for the complete listing.  There are a total of 14 candidates looking to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Todd Apo who left for a position at the soon to be completed Disney resort on Oahu’s Leeward coast.

The special election will be strictly all mail-in ballots with the results of the vote to be released on December 29th.  We will have more information as it comes through and will have a brief bio of each of the candidates.  Also, the invitation still stands for all of the candidates to introduce themselves to the voters on this blog.  For more information, please contact the staff at Desperate America Report.

Special Election to fill Honolulu City Council Vacancy

The Honolulu City Council has confirmed they will be conducting a special election on December 29th to fill the vacancy after the resignation of Councilman Todd Apo.  The election will be done strictly through mail in voting as was the case when filling the last few council vacancies.

For more information click here

Election day Winners and Losers

A few days removed from the craziness that was election day, it is now time to sort through the rubble and see where we stand.  There were some surprises and some close calls.  The results nationally really was in stark contrast from the results in Hawaii.  Nationally Republicans benefited from an electorate angry with the slow recovery of the economy.  Locally, Republicans took a huge blow in their hopes of keeping control of the governor’s office.  Now it’s time to break down a few of the winners and losers from this past election in Hawaii and on the mainland.


Congressman John Boehner is poised to become the new Speaker of the House. (

The obvious national winners are the entire Republican Party after they 50+ seat pick up in the House and erasing the Democratic majority in the Senate.  While falling short of controlling both houses, the GOP has a large majority in the House and will be able to prevent many of President Obama’s initiatives from moving forward.  Ohio congressman, John Boehner is lining up to be the new Speaker of the House while Eric Cantor looks to become the new majority WHIP.  A surprising national winner has to be Nevada Senator, Harry Reid.  Reid was able to fend off a tough challenge from Republican candidate and TEA Party favorite, Sharon Angle to gain reelection and keep his spot as Senate Majority Leader.

In Hawaii, the winners have to be the Democratic Party.  The 2010 elections solidified Hawaii’s long-standing tradition of being a blue state.  In fact, Hawaii has the most lopsided state legislature of any state in the nation.  88% of all the members of the Hawaii state legislature are Democrats, beating out Rhode Island which sports 84%.  Sen. Daniel Inouye cruised to a 50 point victory over his Republican challenger while Congresswoman Mazie Hirono easily won reelection with a 20 point margin.  The real surprise came in Hawaii’s 1CD House race with incumbent Charles Djou(R) falling to Colleen Hanabusa(D) by 7 points.  At the first printout, Djou trailed by about 4,000 votes.  However, the subsequent printouts only put the Republican incumbent further behind.  Hanabusa’s victory was the first time Hawaii voters had voted out a US Congressional incumbent.

But of course, the big winner was the Neil Abercrombie/Brian Schatz team.  The Democratic team was able to trounce their GOP counterparts by nearly 100,000 votes.  In fact, the final margin of victory was 17%.  To make matter worse, of Hawaii’s 51 state house districts, Abercrombie was able to win 50 of the 51.  It was surprising to many the sheer size of the victory for the long time US Congressman.  Abercrombie single-handedly took down political giant, Mufi Hannemann and his GOP challenger, Duke Aiona.  Abercrombie used an effective social media campaign to engage with the younger voters and was able to reestablish himself with the older voters whom he once represented while in the Honolulu City Council and Hawaii State Legislature.


Governor elect Neil Abercrombie cruised to an impressive 17 point victory on Election night. (

On a night where House Republicans picked up more than 50 seats and Senate Republicans came close to taking the majority, the obvious losers are the Democratic Party.  Democrats across the nation suffered defeat and many incumbents fell.  Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin saw his bid for reelection come up short.  Feingold is best known for his efforts to reform immigration.  The House Democrats will now be a highly outnumbered minority and will be at the will of Republicans.  Over in the Senate, Majority Leader Reid will have some tough fights ahead now that he has a near stalemate with Republicans.  President Obama must also be considered a loser of this election.  He has now lost the majority in the House and has the prospects of a severely weakened Senate.  Now more than ever will he need to sell his ideas to the public and work some magic if he hopes to have a second term.

Locally, the Hawaii GOP was not able to ride the so-called wave of change to victory.  Hawaii Republicans are now left with only a single Senate seat and only a handful of House seats.  Moreover, the Hawaii GOP invested heavily in the Djou and Aiona campaigns.  However, their investments would not produce the returns they anticipated.  A humiliating loss by Aiona was coupled with a bitter defeat for Djou.  Many within the party felt 2010 was the best chance for Hawaii Republicans to take control of the government and to finally solidify itself as a major power in Hawaii.  However, as the printouts were released, Republicans were left to wonder how and why this election turned out to be another drubbing from Hawaii Democrats.

The effects of this election will not be fully felt for another few years.  However, one thing is certain: Hawaii really does buck national trends and chooses to do things a little differently.  Whether this means a better Hawaii or something worse remains to be seen.  At least we now have another couple of years to start the conversation of where our state and this country is heading and hopefully are able to find some solutions along the way.

Post election hangover?

Election night brought us some surprises.  Victories by Neil Abercrombie and Colleen Hanabusa proved Hawaii remains firmly a Democrat controlled state.  Some tight House and Senate races kept Hawaii residents up throughout the night awaiting the final printout.  Nationally, the GOP took control of the House and narrowed the gap in the Senate.  President Obama has already discussed the election at a press conference earlier today.

Here is the final printout from yesterday’s election.  Keep in mind the results remain uncertified for at least another week or so.

Join us tomorrow for a complete wrap-up and some insight as to what the results mean moving forward for Hawaii!