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Here is a CNN piece on what Obama is looking to accomplish with the debt deal being negotiated.  It would be interesting to note that taxes now are at a lower rate than they were under President Reagan in the 1980’s.

What Obama Wants In Taxes     

So what is your take on the debt debate?  Should we raise the debt ceiling?  Do we only rely on tax raises?  Do we only rely on spending cuts?  Where is the balance?




Are You Suffering From Popcorn Brain?

It’s time for a distraction from the political scandals and debt arguments.  CNN.com has posted an article which questions our addiction to technology, most notably, our time spent online.

The main concept of the piece is that we are too wired with our technology that our brains are unable to process all that we are doing.  Our constant use can basically fry the brain and reduce the size of the thinking part of the brain.

Do you think we spend too much time online?  What is the average amount of time that you spend online every day?

Click here for the full CNN article.

Civil-Unions Reader Comments

With Gov. Abercrombie preparing to sign the Civil Unions Bill on Wednesday, we asked our readers to share their opinions on civil unions.  About 75% of the comments and emails were in favor of civil unions.  Here are a few of the responses:

Sue: “Against civil unions because marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

James: “Marriage existed long before Christianity did. Marriage is not unique to Christianity. Therefore we should not allow Christianity to hijack the institution of marriage.”

Jen: “Marry whom every you want, as long as they are humans! Aren’t there more important things to fight about…like our country’s debt?”

We thank everyone for sending us their opinon on the issue.  Please keep them coming as we encourage dialogue on every subject.  In case you were wondering, the signing ceremony will be live streaming on the governor’s site.