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House Republicans Pose Threat to Pell Grants

The election night results from the previous November have left many wondering what the implications would be.  We now seem to have an answer to that question as House Republicans are in the news.

In a recent budget proposal, the GOP has proposed cuts to Pell Grants.  Pell Grants are federal financial aid monies given to qualifying students attending college.   Unlike loans, these grants do not need to be repaid.   According to Mark Kantrowitz of FinAid, the cuts would mean a reduction in Pell Grant amounts by as much as $845.  The cuts, if they were to pass, would be the largest cuts to financial aid funds in the history of the Pell Grant program.  President Obama previously increased the payout for Pell Grants.

House Republicans point to their proposal as a downpayment on their pledge to cut more than $100 Billion from the budget.  It is believed that House members will begin discussion on the budget proposal as early as this week.

Time will tell how many GOP Senate members come out to support the measures put forth by their House colleagues.

How do you feel about these proposed cuts?  Are they a necessary evil or should they be the last resort?

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Colin Powell Argues for Cuts to Defense and Entitlements

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell recently spoke up on how to address the long-term issues regarding the deficit.  With the House GOP aiming to freeze non-defense spending to 2008 levels as well as non-security levels to 2006, Powell pointed to the elephants in the room: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Defense budget.  Powell criticized the the effectiveness of cutting veterans programs or education funds while ignoring an overly inflated military budget.

For more on what Powell has to say visit the Huffington Post.

Health Care Fight Taking Shape

With only a full day in the books for 2011, the GOP is already beginning to get the troops prepared for another fight on health care reform.

From CNN: Health Care in the Hot Seat Again

*interesting points

-Democrats and a few Republicans are accusing the GOP of ignoring jobs and wasting time

-It will likely be a fierce battle for the repeal of the recently passed health care reform

As always, Desperate America Report wants to know your take.  Please leave us a comment below telling us what you want to happen with health care reform.  Should Congress repeal it?  Should they leave it alone?  Should they strengthen it?  Let us know what you think!

DADT Repealed/DREAM Blocked by GOP

In a historic moment, the United States Senate voted to end the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy.  It was part of an up and down day for liberals as the DREAM Act failed to garner the support to pass.  The Obama Administration vowed to continue the fight on the immigration bill.

Senate repeals DADT

DREAM Act fails

Polls are closed and now we wait!

—Update 11:44pm—
The second and third printouts have come in. The Aiona and Djou camps have conceded their respective races and thanked their supporters. Aiona trails Abercrombie by nearly 5x his defecit after the first printout. Hanabusa has a 10,000 vote cushion over Djou.

The final printout should be out around 2am. A complete wrap-up will be available on Thursday! Thanks to everyone who stayed with us throughout the night!

—Update 7:56pm—
First printout for Hawaii has Abercrombie up by about 17,000 votes, Hanabusa up by 3,000 votes. Nevada Senator Harry Reid has survived on the back of 90% of Latino vote.

Second printout should be out around 9:30pm.


Polls across Hawaii have now closed. The results are coming in from around the country and are beginning to sort out the winners and losers. This is what we know so far:

Democratic Senators, Russ Feingold(WI) and Blanche Lincoln(AR) have lost their bids for reelection. As it stands, the GOP will have the majority in the House but the Democrats will still hold the majority in the Senate.

The results from Hawaii should begin to trickle in within the next hour with the first printout scheduled for about 6:45PM. The first printout should primarily consist of all the early and absentee voters around the state. Of course, there may still be some absentee ballots which will not be included since the deadline to return absentee ballots to the Office of Elections was 6PM tonight.

We’ll have more updates as the results come in tonight!

Open Letter to Congressional Democrats

Dear United States Congressional Democrats,

I write this letter today to convey the pure disappointment and embarrassment I now bear after the cowardice displayed by the actions of your party.  You had the opportunity to vote to extend tax cuts for 98% of Americans.  It was supposed to be a vote.  But instead, you chose to play things safe and wait until after the November election.  Need I remind you that the opposing party has stated they have no interest in helping the middle class?  The Republicans have stood in opposition to just about every turn and every chance to help struggling Americans.  A vote to extend the tax cuts would have drawn the proverbial line in the sand and provided an opportunity for voters to see which party has their best interests in mind.  This failure by Democrats, is just another in a long line of backing away from a challenge.  It started with the stimulus and bailout packages where regulations and restrictions were not made strong enough.  It then went to Health Care Reform and the lack of a public option and other meaningful reform.  You then failed to provide any substance to the Financial Reform and caved to special interest.  The financial industry imploded due to its own misconduct and you did little to deter them in the future.

Americans need to vote intelligently to ensure we have leaders who care about their constituents and not special interest money.

Now comes perhaps the last straw.  The extension of tax cuts for 98% of Americans seems like a no-brainer.  However, somehow you managed to mangle this chance and not find the courage or fortitude to pursue a vote on the matter.  I’m not talking about passing the bill, I’m talking about voting on the bill.  If the bill failed during a vote, then at least you would have the chance to tell the public you pushed for their interests but was defeated.  Wouldn’t that be some great campaign ammo?  But no, you instead chose to sit on your hands and crawl back home.  How dare you back away from a fight.  It is obvious the GOP has no interest in helping me out.  I thought you cared.  Obviously I was wrong.

I will still hope you win in November.  The alternative is just to grim.  However, I hope you will wake up and realize the mistakes you have made.  I hope you will look in the mirror and rededicate yourself to helping Americans more than helping yourself.


The American People

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