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New York Passes Gay Marriage Legislation

The New York State Assembly voted today in the Senate to pass legislation which would make New York the 6th state in the country to recognize gay marriage.  The legislation will become law in 30 days, after the signature of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  Gov. Cuomo has pledged his support and stated previously he would sign the legislation into law. following the signing of the bill by Gov. Cuomo.  In a matter of hours the final vote was cast and the bill landed on the desk of the Democrat Cuomo.

The vote comes a week after the New York House approved the measure.  A key amendment was made to protect religious exemptions.  The amendment was pivotal to the passage of the bill as undecided Republican Senator, Stephen Saland, decided to support the measure.

A recent New York Daily News article estimated roughly $184 million would be pumped into the New York economy as a result of the legalizing of gay marriage.

For more here is the link to the full Huffington Post story.

Colin Powell Argues for Cuts to Defense and Entitlements

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell recently spoke up on how to address the long-term issues regarding the deficit.  With the House GOP aiming to freeze non-defense spending to 2008 levels as well as non-security levels to 2006, Powell pointed to the elephants in the room: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Defense budget.  Powell criticized the the effectiveness of cutting veterans programs or education funds while ignoring an overly inflated military budget.

For more on what Powell has to say visit the Huffington Post.

Weekend News

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!  Enjoy the fireworks, burgers, hot dogs, beer, and the company of loved ones.  Don’t get too crazy this weekend.  Here are some interesting stories to check out as we celebrate our nation’s birth:

Two headed calf born in Egypt

-An Egyptian farmer declared the recent birth of a two headed calf, a “divine miracle.”

“Meathead” 4th of July tips

-Huffington Post quick tips to enjoying the long weekend!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!  Monday’s Best returns with a special look at a great cause.