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Something to Ponder During the Debt Battle

from Ryan Adverderada (Founder of Desperate America Report)

During a conversation with a friend on Twitter, a stranger suddenly popped in and offered his opinion on the debt battle in Washington D.C.  His comment made sense and then he offered a link.  The link to me to his website and on to a particular post about the current debt ceiling talks.

Click HERE for the full post (you’ll be taken to his site).

Here are some main points of his argument.

1. Everyone is panicking when they should really be taking a deep breath to look at the whole problem.

2. Social Security is being used as a scapegoat.  The program isn’t broken, and folks are over reacting.

3. Medicare spending is increasing while the results have remained unchanged.  Something needs to be done to get health care results better because reducing Medicare spending puts our seniors in debt or worse.

4. Short term spending like those for infrastructure should be used as a solution to get people back to work which would help stimulate the economy.

5. Cutting spending w/o addressing any of these problems causes more harm than good.

Those are the 5 points you need to know.  I suggest clicking on the link to read the full story.

So what do YOU think should happen to bring down our debt?


Weekend News

Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll

-The much beloved Libertarian wins the informal poll over Mitt Romney.(CNN.com)

How Social Media Changed Egypt Forever(Video)

-Social media was instrumental in the recent protests in Egypt which brought an end to Mubarak’s rule.(CNN.com)

Governor Abercrombie defends cuts to Medicare reimbursements

-Governor Abercrombie visited the Capitol to testify on the need to make tough choices.(StarAdvertiser.com)


Colin Powell Argues for Cuts to Defense and Entitlements

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell recently spoke up on how to address the long-term issues regarding the deficit.  With the House GOP aiming to freeze non-defense spending to 2008 levels as well as non-security levels to 2006, Powell pointed to the elephants in the room: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Defense budget.  Powell criticized the the effectiveness of cutting veterans programs or education funds while ignoring an overly inflated military budget.

For more on what Powell has to say visit the Huffington Post.

Health Care and You

Much has been made about the recent health care reforms passed in the United States Congress.  There has been much debate about what will happen and how quickly the changes will take place.  There has also been much discussion as to what exactly is in the bill.  Both sides of the argument has tried their bests to shape the debate toward their respective corners.  However, what is missing is the truth in the whole debate.

There has been countless lies and misleading on both sides of the argument.  The lies tend to come from the opposition and the misleading tends to come from the supporters.  The truth of the matter is that it will take at least a couple of years until everything in the bill begins to be implemented.  Some factors will not fully take effect until 2020, while others will start in a few months.

One fact is undeniable, this bill is the most important piece of health care legislation since the inception of Medicare.  This bill may even replace Medicare as the most significant step.  We won’t know for a long time.  Let’s see what happens!