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House Republicans Pose Threat to Pell Grants

The election night results from the previous November have left many wondering what the implications would be.  We now seem to have an answer to that question as House Republicans are in the news.

In a recent budget proposal, the GOP has proposed cuts to Pell Grants.  Pell Grants are federal financial aid monies given to qualifying students attending college.   Unlike loans, these grants do not need to be repaid.   According to Mark Kantrowitz of FinAid, the cuts would mean a reduction in Pell Grant amounts by as much as $845.  The cuts, if they were to pass, would be the largest cuts to financial aid funds in the history of the Pell Grant program.  President Obama previously increased the payout for Pell Grants.

House Republicans point to their proposal as a downpayment on their pledge to cut more than $100 Billion from the budget.  It is believed that House members will begin discussion on the budget proposal as early as this week.

Time will tell how many GOP Senate members come out to support the measures put forth by their House colleagues.

How do you feel about these proposed cuts?  Are they a necessary evil or should they be the last resort?

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