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Walk About the Capitol with Kanu Hawaii

Kanu Hawaii’s Rotunda Roundup series is nearing an end.  As the legislative session comes to a close, the folks at Kanu Hawaii and Common Cause Hawaii are ramping up efforts to get the public involved.  Thursday, April 28th, will be the “Walk About the Capitol.”  Guests will be show around various parts of the capitol which culminates with a visit to both the House and Senate chambers.  Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland will be on hand to discuss bills being heard in conference committee as well.

Visit Kanu Hawaii for more details.


Rotunda Roundup Thursday

Today is Rotunda Roundup Thursday!  Join Kanu Hawaii and special guest Chad Blair from Civil Beat for an interesting look at the Hawaii’s “Shield Law.”

Chad Blair from Civil Beat will be in attendance to discuss Hawaii's "Shield Law" (PHOTO: twitter.com/chadblaircb)

Also on tap today are tax and budget issues, as well as updates from Common Cause Hawaii.

Be at the State Capitol, today from 5:30pm-6:30pm.  Take some time out of your busy schedule to get involved!

Rotunda Roundup Friday!

Pizza & Policy?  That is this week’s theme for Kanu Hawaii’s Rotunda Roundup.  The event coincides with the “Art in the Capitol” display running from 5pm-7pm today.  Sen. Jill Tokuda, chair of the Senate’s Education Committee, will be present as well as a few other legislators.  This week’s event is focused more on the youth of Hawaii.

Join Kanu Hawaii and Common Cause Hawaii for Rotunda Roundup, today from 4:30pm-6:30pm.

Start time has been bumped up to 4:30pm.  A special panel on youth participation will be featured at today’s event.

Next week Kanu Hawaii will return to the Thursday format for a date with the Media Council Hawaii.  As always, for more information, visit Kanu Hawaii.

Rotunda Roundup Time

This week’s installment of Kanu Hawaii’s Rotunda Roundup features Brent Dillabaugh, Asset Building Director from Hawaii Alliance for Community Based Economic Development.  Dillabaugh will be updating participants on some asset building policies.

The Kanu Hawaii gang will be providing budget updates and Common Cause Hawaii will have some updates on a few ethics bills.  There will also be updates to some bills on food sustainability as well as voter registration.

Join Kanu Hawaii and Common Cause every Thursday at 5:30p.m. until the end of the legislative session.

Rotunda Round-Up Time!

It’s Thursday and time for another Kanu Hawaii Rotunda Roundup.  Join the gang from Kanu Hawaii and Common Cause Hawaii to meet some of Hawaii’s Legislators as well as stay up to date with all the happenings at the Capitol.

This week features KAHEA, The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance.  KAHEA works to improve the quality of life for Hawaii’s people through the revitalization and protection of Hawaii’s unique natural and cultural resources. KAHEA will share updates on bills related to environmental and cultural issues.

Join Kanu Hawaii and Common Cause Hawaii on Thursday, March 18 @ 5:30 p.m.

Be part of the solution: Every Thursday until April 28th starting at 5:30PM.

Kanu Hawai‘i is a movement of people working for sustainable, compassionate, selfreliant communities. We strive toward this vision with personal commitments to change and demonstrations of kuleana.

Common Cause Hawai‘i is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that works to promote citizen participation in the political process and hold government accountable to the public interest.   Common Cause Hawai‘i focuses on issues of voting and elections, money in politics, ethics, and open government.



Kanu Hawaii’s Rotunda Roundup 3/3/2011

Thursday marks another Kanu Hawaii Rotunda Roundup.  This week’s focus will be on the budget.  With much debate going on over how to address the budget woes of the state, Kanu Hawaii’s, James Koshiba, will be explaining budget procedures and ways the public can be involved.

Join Kanu Hawaii's Rotunda Roundup every Thursday evening during the 2011 Legislative Session. (PHOTO CREDIT: KANU HAWAII)

It is likely that Gov. Abercrombie’s proposed taxation of pensions will be brought up as well as other deficit proposal currently being examined.  Join the gang of Kanu Hawaii and get involved!


Kanu Hawaii’s Rotunda Roundup

Kanu Hawaii’s weekly “Rotunda Roundup” continues on today from 5:30pm-6:30pm.  This week’s session has an eye on education.  Hui for Excellence in Education(HE’E) will be on hand to discuss legislation currently being looked at ranging from Board of Education nominees to new kindergarten and preschool laws.

Following the brief, Education Committee Chairs Sen. Jill Tokuda and Rep. Roy Takumi will be available to speak with those in attendance.

Common Cause will once again be present as they will join Kanu Hawaii to provide updates on current bills being followed by both groups as well as where we stand on the Legislative Calendar.

For more information contact Kanu Hawaii.