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SB232: How they voted/Signing ceremony announced

Wednesday was a monumental day for gay rights activists.  The passage of SB232 and the promise Gov. Abercrombie made to sign the legislation has many supporters feeling giddy.  The bill would extend the same rights, benefits, and protections to homosexual/heterosexual couples, as those extended to couples from a traditional marriage.  This would serve as strictly a state recognized law.  Sen. Sam Slom, who voted against SB232,  asked that the Senate focus on economic issues rather than social issues.  Another no vote came from Sen. Mike Gabbard who told colleagues to consider amendments which would include blood relatives.  Support came from Sen. Clayton Hee who held Associate Justice, Sabrina McKenna, as an example of justice being served by SB232.  McKenna is openly gay and was confirmed to the position of Associate Justice minutes before the civil-unions vote.  The legislation passed by a 18-5 vote.

Here is a breakdown of how the Senate voted on SB232:


Rosalyn Baker

Suzanne Chun Oakland

J. Kalani English

Carol Fukunaga

Brickwood Galuteria

Josh Green

Clayton Hee

David Ige

Les Ihara Jr.

Gilbert Kahele

Michelle Kidani

Clarence Nishihara

Pohai Ryan

Maile Shimabukuro

Malama Solomon

Jill Tokuda

Shan Tsutsui

Glen Wakai


Donovan Dela Cruz

Will Espero

Mike Gabbard

Donna Mercado Kim

Sam Slom


Ronald Kouchi

Brian Taniguchi

A signing ceremony will take place on Wednesday, February 23rd to begin at 1pm located at Washington Place.  The ceremony will be streamed live.


Ewa neighborhood board antics overshadows candidate forum

Last night was the Ewa Neighborhood Board‘s first meeting since returning from suspension.  The suspension lasted two months and resulted in no meetings during August or September.  The board members were mandated to attend two courses on how to conduct a proper meeting and leadership skills.  It is safe to say the board learned little, if anything from those classes.  The meeting opened with the same madness as past meetings.  The large crowd in attendance looked on in shock and disgust as the perennial trouble makers began their seemingly ritualistic antics.  At one point the crowd began to implore the board to stay focused and to quit the bickering.  The meeting was scheduled to run from 7PM until 8PM in order to save time for a candidate forum.  However, the chaos pushed the meeting until 9PM with many in the crowd choosing to leave due to the WWE atmosphere.  Mercifully the meeting did come to a conclusion…by the way…round 2 is November 10th!

Due to the late finish of the board meeting, the candidate forum began rather late.  The late start combined with a dead recorder/iPhone means there isn’t much notes from the candidate forum.  However, here is a list of the candidates who were at the forum and had the opportunity to speak:

Hawaii Senate D.20

Will Espero (D) *incumbent

Tito Montes (R)

Hawaii House D.42

Rida Cabanilla (D) *incumbent

Tom Berg (R)

Hawaii House D.43

Jason Bradshaw (D)

Kymberly Pine (R) *incumbent

OHA Trustee-at-Large

Joseph Kuhio Lewis